youve got hate mail!

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acauly i do not u. i got some just before school got out, it has me a bit concerned but oh well, i figured this might happen.


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for being gay?~!

for being gay?~!

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a ferrets is a ferret, no matter how much it seems like a weasel. if only i could say the same for people.

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aw, hun. people suck! how

aw, hun. people suck!
how you doin?

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I'm sorry ferrets. That's

I'm sorry ferrets. That's horrible.

I really hope that things calm down over there soon:)


"Once upon a time I ripped the wings from my spine
But when I hide inside your eyes I still pretend that I can fly"
-Special Pets (Otep)

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do you want me to summon an

do you want me to summon an army of undead souls and hunt down whoever said that and OBLITERATE them??? *looks innocent*

Wait — are those babies? The Gays can make babies now?!?! In pairs?!?!
Please save us Maggie Gallagher and NOM!

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I'm so sorry... I hope it

I'm so sorry...
I hope it gets better.