2 drunkards = bad time for me...Um, please save me :/

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My dad has this guy friend over and they've been drinking (and smoking. Yuck!) since around 4 this afternoon and now it's 9. It was okay at first but now they're so drunk. I was down there till around 7 and then couldn't stand it anymore. Like I said it was alright at first I was just watching TV but then the guy (who's around 50 yrs old/looks 40) started getting mildly creepy telling me AND my dad that he wants to marry me because I like L&O SVU and then because I like Family Guy And then because I love animals (Because he says he's got a way with animals, which I'll admit that our dogs certainly like him, but still...). And I get at first it's just a silly little joke...but then it's like, by the 3rd time it's a little bit creepy. Then later on they kept harping on how I should become a veterinarian because that's "What I'm meant to do".

I just want to be left alone. I'm tired, I'm starving, and I've got school tomorrow. And I don't want to go down till he leaves so I don't have to be bombarded with this guy telling me "You should be a vet, okay? So, what are you gonna take in school?

And now judging by their conversation I think he might have spiked (at least) my dad's drink with some drug.....I don't trust this guy at all. This has been a really weird night.

I wish he'd leave.

And never come back.


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jesus. that's seriously

jesus. that's seriously creepy. my best advice is to stay in your room (maybe even lock your door, if you can), and not go down. is your mom or any of your sibs home? can you call them?

it sounds like they're just getting drunk/high/stoned together, and this is not to freak you out, but make sure you have your phone with you (and htat it's charged) and call the cops if ANYTHING makes you physically uncomfortable, or if you start to not feel safe. i know that it's a hard decission to make, cause he's your dad and you don't want to get him into trouble, but PLEASE be careful, and put your own safety first.

i would definilty call your mom or one of your sibs, if nothing else, so that someone else knows what's going on. but maybe/hopefully they can get the guy out of your house, and your dad sober.

please don't be afraid to call the cops. that's what they're there for.

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i secound that!

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