..a girl? really?

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i think i might like a girl!
shes adorable and sweet and we've gotten pretty close.
she kept on sitting in my lap today at this coffee house open mic thing
and kissing my forehead. <3
i just have that feeling, that it could/might develop into something more.
so im just going to leave it alone and see where it grows. :3
i still havent called him! congrats to me! i'll call him, eventually; probably sometime next week. im too busy this weekend to call anyone, or do anything.
wanna know why?
i'll be taking an advanced course, 5 hours both days of the weekend, on how to fend off and beat up 2-5 guys attacking me at once.
gang rape! <3
im really excited, i think its going to be a lot of fun; but i'm also very scared for it, just because i'll probably be one of the only teens there, and the rest adults. eeeeeekkkk. :[
umm. otherwise.
today was good.
i now have $90 in my wallet. <3
i got a cute sweater/cardigan for $5, and my friend stole for me an adorable silver cigarette case from urban. but, sadly, i dont have any cigarettes to put in it :/
by monday, her and i are hoping to have a pack of peach cigarettes.

for iowa, i want to take blacks, peach, and parliaments with me. in my fancy little case! and probably some blow, too. if i have enough money after buying three packs. haha. im pretty fucking excited for Iowa. maybe summer will be good. that would be.. well, good. amazing.

today was a very good day.
i hope i have more like these.

p.s. ive made two new close friends. maybe, just maybe, life is looking up for the first time in a while.


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YAY!!! ^^ <3 Megan: "Cheers

YAY!!! ^^ <3

Megan: "Cheers are supposed to be simple, make people feel good."
Graham: "Cheers make girls do stupid cartwheels. Orgasms make people feel good."
-But I'm a Cheerleader