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Gee everyone, so much has happened so soon! There are three major things that have happened. First of all after five months of waiting for something to happen with my truck it was finally totaled. Yeah it sucks that it took so damn long but on the flip side I got several thousand dollars more for the vehicle (I have full coverage) than I actually paid for it. I bought a very nice car, outright, with insurance for 36,000 miles or 3 years. It repairs anything that happens to the car, essentially. Even with the insurance the car was only 400 dollars more than I paid for my truck. Even though the car is older it is better, way more features, same engine power yadda yadda. It has low mileage as well.

Second of all: I freaking graduate from college this Saturday! YIKES! I’m so nervous. I’ve got to find a second job this summer so I can pay rent for to my sister. I hope I get that done.

But finally I just found out today that I got accepted into the Christian college that I have aforementioned in old journal entries! If I go through and wind up going to this college I’ll move several states away. I’ll be on my own. That equals really big changes. I’m not even sure if I can afford it yet. It’s a private college after all.

OH, in other news I’m going to get myself psychologically reevaluated by certain doctors who have previously worked with my mother. I don’t know how bad that is, I think it’s good because that way the doctors have a foreknowledge in my families heredity and similarities we may have in general. I’m going to get the papers to have that done tomorrow.

Well everyone wish me luck. I wanted to fill you in because this is the most massive list of things I’ve had (that are major) going on all at once in some time. Thought you might want to hear.



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Good luck on everything but the Christian College. :-)

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