bad week

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This has been a horrible week so far! I have so much homework I feel like I'm drowning it. We have to give a a 40 min to hour long intense presentation on Stalin, which is far from done and portfolio's, english final, 2 tests. On top of that I just found out my grandma has to continue with chemo even though they told her today was the last session. Overall I have just been feeling off for the last month. I have been seriously clinically depressed three times in my life once in 4th grade, once in sixth grade, and once at the beginning of last year. At this point I know what the beggining stages feel like, and I'm soo worried about it happening again. At least I have a few things to look forward to like MTB championships and my cousin visiting :) end of small rant.


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I hope you get all your

I hope you get all your stuff done, then you can just relax, it sounds like you need to.

also, I don't mean to be rude/uneducated/offensive, but how can a nine year old be clinically depressed? I haven't ever heard of someone that young suffering from clinical depression.

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dude, you have no idea...

its been one hell of a week for me too...hope you are feeling better. looking forward to yoru race will definitely be a good thing. channel your aggressive energies into assuming xc?

oh, and good luck.


Mental wounds not healing, driving me insane, i'm goin' off the rails on a crazy train- the ozzman

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9 year old question

no offense taken. I know it sounds sort of strange, but a bunch of people in my family and my friend's families died that year (4th grade) I mean an especially abnormal number for one year! Anyways I started to think about those people dying and never coming back, and then I just sort of lost it. I was good at hiding it, but I had to see a psycologist and I couldn't sleep for basically the whole year. It sucked, but I guess clinically depressed might not be the right word. who knows :)

oh and thanks

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i know exactly where you are coming from. i lost 14 ppl in four years in high school, many of whom i was very close to due to suicides and accidents and shit. i think back on shit like that, and the shit i've lived thru often, adn wonder why the hell I'm still alive and they arent, you know? i know exactly how you feel, and depressed is a great word for it. talking to a trusted friend or a shrink definitely helps tho. i knwo i wouldnt be here if i hadnt gone to a shrink 2x per week in high school.

still go like once a month, but yeah. good stuff to talk about. if you ever need to chat, PM me on here, and i am willing to listen.


Mental wounds not healing, driving me insane, i'm goin' off the rails on a crazy train- the ozzman

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yep sounds like you really

yep sounds like you really know where I'm coming from. thanks.