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Although it might sound like an ego boost more than anything, which is definitely not my intention, I'm sick of chicks falling for me instead of guys.

On the weekend when I go to parties, I get to meet all these people. And half of them tends to be whipped bitches, some drunk, some easy, some sleezy, and given those preconditions it's not hard for them to fall for me. Point is, while it's flattering knowing someone likes me, it is also disheartening every single time to know it's a girl and not a guy.

We exchange numbers, we chat, we bond, I could definitely get them if I wanted to (and a part of me almost would just to know I could - instead of it being such a... 'waste' - hard to describe that feeling). Why can't I like them? My guy mates are jealous at how easy I 'pick up' girls, yet it only culminates in frustration.

The only redeeming factor:
Funny thing is those girls will ask my mates to set us up, leading to the stories on Mondays of my mates reenacting their reactions after they tell them "He's gay."

Only one time have I ever dated a boy I met at a party. Well, I guess that doesn't happen to everyone at high school. I've been lucky already I suppose.

Being gay... definitely a handicap. In a myriad of ways.


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Don't view it as a

Don't view it as a handicap... Its your greatest strenght! be diffrent! and as a little helpful advice, Ask someone, dont wait for them to ask you...

I will paint, my words of love with your name on every wall! When you leave my colors fade to grey, And i ned you to stay or all my colors fade away! And every word of love

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Maybe a Different Weekend Venue?

"Only one time have I ever dated a boy I met at a party."

Might this suggest some other venue being more consistent with your objective? Situations that invite “drunk and sleazy bitches” would impress me as being an anathema to weekend socializing!

If you’d like to widen your horizons, could I suggest that you take a look at this possibility for one of the next two weekends (be sure to check the under-25 rush):

I’m confident that there will be many “boys” in attendance, and even a few meeting your age requirements. Alternatively, invite a friend to join you.