Brain explosion

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My brain just splattered everywhere. FUCK. That is kind of why I hate and love B all at the same time. She's an evil bitch, but damn she can be really hot sometimes. I think I just like the idea of being dominated.

And fuck this is awkard typing in teh computer lab at my school. Thankfully no one knows who B is. I mean they do, just they don't know her as B. lol

Maux-- I feel kind of bad for leaving you there. T-T That isn't really what a friend should do and I'm sorry that is kind of my shit to deal with and not yours. So I feel like pond scum.

So this is how it goes. I'm actually talking to B now. Like called her the other day and we are fine. She was working when I called her the other few times. And she didn't go on that date. They had to reschedule for like the 6th time. So I told her that maybe it's a cosmic sign not to meet this person. She got kind of ticked. I told her that the same thing happened with me and someone else so I just dropped it. She felt slightly better about me saying that. Though this was before she almost raped me in the hallway because she found condoms in my purse. Fuck, I knew having my extra belly button ring would screw me over because it was in the same compartment as the condoms and she saw them when I went to get them out. Yeah, that wasn't pleasant. I really need to stop doing things like so often.

Yeah, but when she found them, she started asking me all these questions, "how many guys are you fucking?" and shit like that. And I told her that I've only been with two people, O and that guy which I don't really like talking about because I regret it. I don't like him as a person or anything and I never trusted him, big mistake. She knows this, she's giving me a lot of shit. And she sounds slightly worried. She procceeds to attack me because I wouldn't explain something so she's like all over me (which I'm sorry is really hot) and then she hugged me? Which even when we were "dating" we never hugged, that was the first time we had hugged. And to be really bitchy, I told her it wasn't a good hug-mostly because that was what I said after she kissed me the first time a long time ago. But it wasn't and I wanted her to kiss me again, so I told her to try again. xDDD

In straight news: my sister is epically mad at me because I walked in on her and her bf making out and I told my mom. Because I was kind of joking around and my mom flipped. I wouldn't have told her if I knew that would happen. And my mom shouldn't be mad because she knows they do that. God. They aren't making babies!

My mom and step-mom are out of town. Both on business so I'm with my dad all week which I like. I love my dad. I'm baking a cake for my psychology teacher for his birthday. xDD I can't wait. I love that teacher so much. I have teacher love for him.


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don't feel like pond scum!

don't feel like pond scum! we're still cool by me! there were only a couple scary peeps there and i dealed with it. :) your friends are actually very entertaining. lol! even B wasn't too bad. a little awkward, but not horrendous... *hugs* hope you can fix that head explosion. replacements are awfully expensive. :)

love, the Dyke of Otherworldly Happiness!

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Glad to hear it, she can

Glad to hear it, she can come on a little too strong. So I didn't want her to scare you off. xDD *hugs* See you soon. <3

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