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That "it is common for (straight) expectant fathers to have dreams of homosexual encounters".

I'm curious as to why that would be and I also now wish I could ask some fathers that I know whether or not that has real truth to it. But that would be a complete waste of time because they'd probably never admit if they did in fact have those types of dreams.

Yes, I'm the weirdo who posted her dreams a few days ago for all to read :) And lately (because I love dreams) I've been looking up the meanings of particular things in dreams. It's really interesting and I have to say that a lot of the meanings have had real truths to me and what is going on in my life (and my head/thoughts).

My favourite lately is:

To see deformed or odd birds in your dream, indicates that you have a unique outlook and perspective on romance and love. The dream may also represent a lack of understanding in affairs of the heart.

Ahh...If only you knew. :P

I think you should all check out this website if you're curious at all when it comes to dreams, meanings and stuff like that: www.dreammoods.com

You can just type whatever weird object or thing (including sex ;) that was in your dream last night into the search bar. I think it's really neat personally, whether or not our dreams truly mean anything or not.


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Apparently I'm trying to

Apparently I'm trying to reach out to people...
In a way, it's true.
Apparently, I'm also gay. xD

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You're gay???

I totally wouldn't of guessed that if you hadn't told me :P

I think it's neat :)

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Yeah, it's TOTALLY a

Yeah, it's TOTALLY a coincidence, here on Oasis. :)

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oo that's interesting about

oo that's interesting about the father thing. I was thinking of straight fathers I could talk to about some stuff..then I could only think of my brothers..and that would be awkward to ask them that..>.<
I think it's neat you're into dreams. I do believe they can tell you a lot about yourself :)

for instance, i had an unusal dream the other day.
I was in the 1800's or something on an old street.
my father was the mayor. he had several older people wearing cloaks that were assigned to carry torches...and they would walk down that street and light anyone on fire they thought should burn to death. In my dream I was older though, but I was still scared to death cuz I'm gay! and they were going to light me on fire!
I had that dream at a cabin.
it was weird.
the end :)

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dreams told@

dreams told@ jac902008@hotmail
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