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I should be sleeping. But I can never sleep on Sunday nights.

I baked B cookies. I want to give them to her tomorrow, but I don't know how to do without making a scene with O.

O wanted to talk to me about her new bf. But she didn't ever call me back. She's like my best friend (and an ex) and she wants to brag about how great her new bf is. It is the first person she's dated since we broke up. I still haven't dated anyone. But I think that is okay since it's been a month-ish. Slightly more than a month since we split.

And I've pretty well decided that I do want to date B again. I can't stop talking about her, or thinking about her. And I'm kind of mad that she hasn't called me back. Called her twice today, but I know that if she did answer the first time she wouldn't have come over. I enjoy her company a lot and she's actually never been to my new house. And where I live now we live almost down the street from each other.

Fuck I need to stop rambling on about her.