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So, I'm finding ways to distract my sad little mind. I've been watching Kingdom Hearts cutscenes on youtube. Boy, does that bring back memories.

Lots of them, actually.

Like the very first time I ever saw Kingdom Hearts. I was in sixth grade, and my best friend Rachel had a friend named Kelly, and we were at her house. All the sudden, Kelly was like, 'Oh, Ash, you've got to see this game, you'll love it!'

So we went upstairs and she started up her playstation and started a new game on KH.

It was love at the very first moment I saw the intro to the game. That christmas I got A PS2 and Kingdom Hearts for christmas.

I fell so madly in love with that damn game, haha. I cried when it ended. Both because I had no more KH to play, and because I thought the ending was sweet and sad. I spazzed when they came out with KH CoM for the GBA.

And I totally freaked when KH2 was about to be released. Dude, mom reserved me a copy and the special edition Game guide. I beat it in two days. O.o

And you know, the PS2 remake of the GBA game recently came out, so that's what I got for christmas.

Sad thing is, I haven't found much time to play it, so I haven't beaten it yet.

Haha, good times.

I can't wait until those games are released in the US for the PSP and the DS.


I need a DS. Haha.

Did I ever tell you how much I love Kingdom Hearts? XD Shit has magical heart-healing powers.


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I love KH too, And played

I love KH too, And played CoM on PS2. I couldn't beat the second RIku... he's so hard :( .

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I'm like, in the seventh floor, or something on Re: CoM and I'm stuck on that fight against the Riku Replica.



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!!! I LOVE KH. my brother &

!!! I LOVE KH.
my brother & i are suuuuperrr obsessed with itt.
(: i got my little brother CoM for his birthday.
& then he got me Re: CoM for mine.
... anyone know when the next one's getting released?

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They're releasing Birth By Sleep[for DS] and 385/2 Days [or something like that[for PSP] later this year supposedly. [=

They think KH3 itself won't be out in the US until early 2011; they haven't started woking on it yet.



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Please tell me when you beat

Please tell me when you beat the second riku... it's so annoying. GAh!