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i am so incredibly exhausted, i must be dying.
all i want to do anymore is sleep.
even if i want to actually do something, i cant seem to move my body to do anything, no matter how hard i will it.
all ive been listening to lately is Brand New.
he called me last night, and we talked for almost two hours.
it was good.
none of that stupid I MISS YOU shit.
i dont know.
i cant really think right now.
i just want to sleeeeeeeep
but i have so much work to do.
a huge test to study for; a unit that i havent been paying enough attention to.
wish me luck.


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i wish you luck! how are you

i wish you luck!
how are you doing besides this?
talking to him again i see ?


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Sounds like you might be

Sounds like you might be kinda depressed
Come Josephine in my flying machine
Going up she goes up she goes
Balance yourself like a bird on a beam
In the air she goes there she goes
Up, up, a little bit higher
Oh, my, the moon is on fire