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EDIT: I realized this made no sense. I made a flickr, it doesn't have very many pictures on it, but I'm working on that. Friday started everything off, and quite well. I went downtown with my best friend and texted our very own Fiona from oasis. That is one cool chica right there.

Saturday was CRAZY. My grandparents came over, I helped make dinner and my friends stayed late and we watched Velvet Goldmine (which is amazing). It's based on Bowie and Pop's life and it's SUPER Gay, I think my friend liked it better though.

Sunday: My family and I went four wheeling and OMG it was so much fun. I wish I could do that more often.

Today: I baked cupcakes for my friend's birthday and spelled out "happy birthday siddybear" with all the cupcakes. xDD I love her.

And I set up a flickr with pictures from yesterday. I think it should work. There is also a picture of me post hair cut. I have curly hair, and I straightened it. So that picture is on there. So, hopefully it works. Comment if it doesn't. Later.

My account name is Zephyr2010 if you have trouble. xP