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Ugh. So me and a bunch of my girlfriends had a party last night for a foreign exchange student friend of ours who's leaving soon. It was a really fun party, we went to Jumpstreet (giant wall-to-wall trampoline place XD) and watched Twilight and made fun of Robert Pattinson and I secretly swooned over Alice, but--well, there's always a but isn't there?

Two of my friends were being all jokey, like "cuddle buddies" and whatever, and for them it was just giggly fun we're-being-weird-we're-straight-really, and I wanted to too, like just as friends, not meaning anything else, but I didn't. I'd've felt guilty doing something like that, since I'm *not* straight and all (and the two of them don't know).

But me and my friends have never been really huggy, so I wanted to take advantage of the rare huggy moment. I *like* hugs, even just from friends. But ever since realizing I'm not straight, I've felt awkward hugging my girlfriends. It's soo annoying, cuz I know I'm being a total prude, and cuz it *wouldn't* mean anything just among friends--I never feel weird about hugging guy friends...*groan* I really do overthink things don't I?


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i no what u mean. ever since

i no what u mean. ever since i realized i wasnt straight, i dont hug my friends that often or kiss the top of my friends little sis's head nymore. it not awkward 4 them when i hug them, but it is for me. they dont no so they just think i am being anti-social or PMS-ing or something, but rly there is something much different then that.

and there rly is always a but. lol ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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but mostly....
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i feel the same way. my straght guy friends will like wrestle, and i want to, just in a friendley way, but i know ppl( since all my friends know that im gay) will think about me doing that in a your-a-perv kind of way

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Too Self-Conscious a Bit, ferrets?

You should treat your straight friends just as you did before everyone learned that you're gay. Let them know that you're still the same ferrets as before. By not joining in the fun you are denying yourself much of the important experiences of growing. With a little practice, you should be able to control any unwanted excitement. Or, take care before joining in the play...

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ill try that.

if you thinck, what people criticize other on the most, is where there own biggest faults are, so before you complain about other people, thinck"am i struggling in the exact same area?"

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that whole hugging your

that whole hugging your friends thing?
same exact thing happened to me. when i was out to myself and one or two other people, i'd get weird when my girlfriendss would be all cuddly & super friendly. and if one of them would sit on my lap where there was no seats or something random, or even hug me or anything i'd be like... "okay, too close." (unless, of course, it was my crush who sat on me. that's a different story)
and with guys, there's like no boundaries there. i'll hug them, push them around, and usually they end up sitting on my lap if there's no room anywhere.
oh, and you aren't alone -- i'm in love with alice cullen too. :)

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I know I'm not straight (and

I know I'm not straight (and my friends probably know too), but we still hug each other an awful lot. xD
Sometimes it's a bit awkward, though.
I see what you mean...

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Ok this is off the subject but....... A GIANT WALL TO WALL TRAMPOLINE PLACE!!!!!!!! that awesome. I'm so jealous!

oh and like everyone else has said don't feel bad about hugging your friends! I practically sleep with mine at least twice a week. lol (they know I'm gay though)

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yeah like i said it's mostly

yeah like i said it's mostly just me being awkward and i just want them to know i'm not straight before i do, so they can decide if they think it's awkward or not...i don't want them to feel like i'm violating them...the other part is that one of the few friends i'm out to is my crush, so i'm confuzzled on that...i'm just confuzzled por lo general aren't i?

and yeah the trampolines are freaking amazing. it's amazing how exhausting, though, they make me feel majorly outta shape. =]
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oh and thanks guys =) good

oh and thanks guys =)
good to know i'm not the only one
Two wrongs don't make a right but three lefts do!