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I want to rip something. Maybe paper; I don't care.
I feel so... Frustrated. Maybe a little bit hysterical. I want to claw the keys off the keyboard, make holes in my desk... GAH.
I'm so confused... I don't have a completely justified reason to feel like this.
Today at lunch, my friend was telling us a story she helped to write. It was a little soap opera-like, and had two lesbian characters in it.
We were talking after she told it, and somehow, we got to the subject of the two characters. This discussion resulted in my friend going, "*cough* C and [insert my name here] *cough*" (C and I have been a little closer lately... In a friend-ish way.), and us attempting to strangle her. My friend who told the story (Let's call her Rabbit.) and I were (playfully) arguing and flipping each other off, but she said something about me being 'on the other team', as she puts it, in a kind of serious way. Maybe not serious. But there was a hint of... Something in her words. Truth? I don't know. now I'm wondering if everyone else has figured out what I am before I have. ARGH. I'm confused.