fuck you, yellow!

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i want to rid the world of yellow. and marshmellows, disgusting.

oh hey guess what? apperantly my cholesterole is waay high too, i'm 21 with a body of a fucking 70 year old...so im getting more drugs...isn't that nice? i have another solution but nobody listens to me, i think i should just drink large quantities of red wine, aah the things i do for my health. i also have to up my insulin dose, meaning more weight, and i have to up my metformin doses, which means a lot more stomach pains, and at this point death is starting to look inviting.

and again i tried to talk to my mother, which resulted in a drawn out lecture i didn't care to listen to all that much...especially from someone i haven't seen in a year and half.

im decidedly entering another doom and gloom phase, something about free time mixed with life changes that just irks me i suppose, im tired of stopping and starting my life every few months, it's quite exhausted.

anyways fuck this....have a nice life everybody


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awww srry bout all that but

awww srry bout all that but just send marshmallows to the us and we will eat them alll for you!

Wait — are those babies? The Gays can make babies now?!?! In pairs?!?!
Please save us Maggie Gallagher and NOM!

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Hey, join the High

Hey, join the High Cholesterol club! Mine's always been high, and I'm on drugs and a very good diet. It's hereditary, so don't fret about that...

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Good thing there usually

Good thing there usually aren't yellow marshmallows. That'd really be pushing it!

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acctualy there are... Wait

acctualy there are...

Wait — are those babies? The Gays can make babies now?!?! In pairs?!?!
Please save us Maggie Gallagher and NOM!

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I know, that's why I said

I know, that's why I said usually. Most of the ones I come across are either white... or pink.

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THERE ARE BLUE ONES TOO! sorry fogot bout caps

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wat if there was......

yellow redwine?

a ferrets is a ferret, no matter how much it seems like a weasel. if only i could say the same for people.

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Most people with high cholesterol have no genetic issue. It is entirely diet.

My family are all on cholesterol-lowering medication, because of our "hereditary condition," which is known as "we all eat the same animal-based junk."

I go low-fat vegan, and my cholesterol is now 116 without any drugs. So, I wouldn't jump right to blaming genetics. In most cases, the genetic link is that your parents sculpted your dietary habits.

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