Gay Day

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Ooh, that rhymes.
It's true, though.
- I set my watch to light up rainbow today
- I think Tara from Buffy has a crush on Willow (I'm so lame, only on season 4)
- Friend told a story with a lesbian couple in it (in previous journal).
- Listened to 'F*** You' by Lily Allen
- C wore rainbow earrings

Hmm... There were other things, but those stuck out to me.
I'm feeling happier. :)


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Glad you're feeling happier :)

That video with Lily Allen's song was awesome :)

And I've gotta get into Buffy someday. Okay, that sounded really dirty. I meant watch the TV show.....not something else.

Once upon a time I ripped the wings from my spine
But when I hide inside your eyes I still pretend that I can fly

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Thank you...

Yes you do (... Not in the dirty way). Buffy is awesome.