Gift of Words

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We are gifted with the power of words.

The power of clarity of expression, to be able to communicate intangible ideas into defined, boxed, concrete meanings that are - words.

Let us not abuse that power, and in effect, rob ourselves and everyone of that privilege.

I think precision in the manipulating of language is vital in understanding ourselves, our thoughts, and new concepts. Because what are words but to symbolise ideas? Thoughts and behavioural patterns are subjected to the frameworks put in place by our knowledge of words.

I agree there are discrepancies between what everyone says and what they mean. However, I believe it's important to understand what one is really feeling or trying to say by making the correct compensations to the words they use.

The words may be affected by an individual's understanding, experience, purpose, motivation, intention, bias, knowledge, and emotions - conscious or subconscious. And is subject to change depending on different situations even if used by the same individual.

And let them have the right to be.

Because although they are subjective, they are the true, untainted result of one's effort to express themselves. They may be distilled and affected by those factors, but the reason and essence in how or why those words are uttered are true - left unfiltered and untouched.

One may explore the realm of words. They may waffle to express themselves. But there is some credibility to that. It is a manifestation of a greater truth behind the superficial meanings of words. There may be a purpose, or the purpose may be that there is no purpose.

Let words harm, let words heal. Let words communicate.

But never underestimate the power of words.


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A Diamond No Longer In The Rough...

Hi Max,

This is only my second post on Oasis. But I cannot let this short essay pass without giving it the applause it so well deserves. Whether you are aware or not, I do not know... but your future gives all signs of being truly unlimited.

Congratulations on your understanding of the power of words and the eloquence you've employed to communicate this knowledge.

I'm exceedingly impressed...