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For all of you oblivious people, guess what - it's Queen's Birthday weekend in New Zealand. That means I get tomorrow (Friday) and the weekend and Monday off. SO EPIC. YEAH.

That's why there's a party on tonight. Just got home... It was in town, my mate she rented a whole club and it was pretty crazy! Danced till I dropped... gawd I'm so tired right now. Had so much fun! Raving, talking, screaming, ranting and talking about nothing and everything...

And got to meet new people. Fuck there's this guy who's sooooo adorable. He has a lot of the same friends as me, but we never got the chance to talk. But last weekend I got the chance to talk to him at another party, and tonight I saw him again. He's just so lovely - he's so nice and we sat together and talked for ages. he has the nicest dark blonde hair ever! Everyone at school knows I'm gay, and they're all real cool bout it. He said he's been to a gay club before and he'll go with me when I'm 18! He's not gay though I don't think so. He said he went with a bunch of chicks just for shits and giggles one night. Every time he puts his arm on my shoulder and we're all dancing/raving in a circle I swear I was going to melt.

So in love with him. He's not gay though. He's just genuinely lovely. He's not gay. I'm so in love. Gosh I'm so whipped right now. So so whipped. Dude I can't like him, I'm just drunk, I'll tell myself that. I hope I'm over him tomorrow morning... Fuck he's amazing.


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Ummmm, . . . Congrats? Shame

Ummmm, . . . Congrats? Shame on you? idk! I'm just happy when my friends are happy...

"You wanted to meet Gossip Girl? Well, look around. I'm nothing without you. And while most high school friendships fade, it's my hope that what happened today will bond you