high heels

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..i am learning to walk in them.
it is much harder than it looks! i feel like a lopsided retard.

i miss him.
i know.
i shouldn't.
maybe i'm forgetting what a douche he is,
and how not worth it it is.

i mean, i still know that.
i don't have the slightest inclination to go back to him.

i just.
i feel empty, with him gone.

he called me on thursday and left a message, just saying 'hey, i havent talked to you in a while, so just saying hey. thats it." and something about essays and tests and that he might not pick up if i call back because he has a lot of work to do.
of course i didnt call back.
but every day thats passed since then (like, what, two? pathetic.)
its been growing in my mind.
his voice keeps nagging at my heart.
i couldnt hold back any longer so i called him today.
but he didnt pick up, it was around 4 pm.
we'll see; i'm sure he'll call back.


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I know how you feel hun..

I know how you feel hun.. everyone just says to move on and forget about them but its not that easy :/
Im here if you want to talk

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Sometimes the only cure is

Sometimes the only cure is time, but you just have to try the best you can. I'm sure I'll be haunted by my ex for a long time, since it took us so long to build our relationship in the first place. The critical place to get to is acceptance, though. That's the top of the hill. It gets easier from that point. As far as how to get there, it's different for everyone. Studying the dharma of Buddhism and writing are what I'm using. Just try everything and keep what works.



- Pat Nelson Childs
"bringing strong gay & lesbian characters to Sci-Fi & Fantasy"

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Hey girl! Well i certainly

Hey girl!
Well i certainly have been there too many times to count
I hate that bullshit
You just miss them like no other
and sometimes ppl just dont get it.
you always remember the good times
and forget the bad
thats just life.
he called you.
he was thinking about you.
seems to be for the non obvious reasons
im sure he misses you.
just try to let time go by a little
you dont NEED him, you WANT him.
i was listening to a song, and it said something like
"i dont need you anymore...blah blah" idk. lol.
but just give yourself some time
try to keep occupied.
thats the best choice.