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confushion. i dont like having to lie to my mom about being gay, but i really am not ready to hit the perants with the big one yet. im just so scared about wat they will do. im almost completley reliant on them for financailesupport, and whiile i doubt they would kick me out, or stop feeding me, or pull me out of school or watever. any advice at all would be appretaited!


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down play the gay...

I don't know your full story so I don't know why you feel the need to lie about your being gay to your parents but if they seem to have a nack at persistance about the subject and you REALLY don't want to tell them perhaps you'll have to downplay your gay side a bit more? Like stop staring at those people you find cute, get rid of things that are so not the sterotypically in thing for your gender. (sorry don't know if your a girl or guy)

I don't know your full situation like I said, but I never wanted to tell my dad and don't intend on telling my mother however about the only thing I got going against me (that I'M aware of) is that I sound kinda gayish and obviously guys get that viby feeling everyone gets after you've been staring at them too long.

I don't think you'll want to do anything I've mentioned but YOU have to assess whether its worth it, cause I could really care less what you do. I'm just giving you my two cents, hope its been worth something.


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im a guy. being a girl would SUCK(no offence but yeah it would....) your advice is good thank you for commenting.

if you thinck, what people criticize other on the most, is where there own biggest faults are, so before you complain about other people, thinck"am i struggling in the exact same area?"

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What do you think they would do? You only mention what they wouldn't do...

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Well, I told my mom but I had to sorta embellish stories about how my partner and I needed each other cause she was kinda abuse as a child and hates men etc...then later on I kinda make it easier for my mom to accept her being around by saying, yeah, it's kinda like sisters or cousins relationship... I mean, at the point where I needed to come out to her I was out like that, bluntly...but after awhile I realise that its not easy for her to accept, so I tone it down and not make it confrontational. It helps when my partner don't like the fuss and refuse to be in family gatherings like mother's day, but once and while we have lunches with my mom who is cool about it when we meet have to know your parents well...cause if you have a dad or a mom that's clearly homophobic, its not worth it... and lots of hints prior to coming out would help....

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i didn't want to tell them

i didn't want to tell them either, but when they got my teachers to start trying to hook me up with girls i kinda just said it. now they make jokes with me about being gay, but it is their way of not believeing.

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Aww Shadow thats kinda

Aww Shadow thats kinda sad....But atleast u got them off ur back for tryin to hook u up!
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