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i seem to have a delema. i dont see myself bringing anything to oasis, only taking. im wondering if i still deseve the support wen i give barley anymyself. also, one of my ferrets is sick, and may have cancer. as if i neede one more thing. see stuff like that, all i do is come on here and complain(i wasnt using that just as an axmple, my ferret is really sick) andthen dont help wen others complain. im so so selfish.


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I'm sorry you're down. That

I'm sorry you're down. That sucks. You brighten my day with your humor and it isn't fun to see you down. If you want to talk, message me. *HUGS*

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no, it dosnt have,......

to do with being down, just i dont see myself helping anyone else

a ferrets is a ferret, no matter how much it seems like a weasel. if only i could say the same for people.

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sometimes people need help...

...sometimes we can give it. Right now it seems to me that you're just hitting a rough patch and need extra love. When you feel better, you can post and help people who need it, or at least make us laugh with ferret jokes. It eventually balances out.

I'm sorry about your ferret who is sick.


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silly silly boy! you help people a lot by being yourself, by being funny, by being honest, and that, especially to someone like me, gives hope, hope that good people still exist, that good men still exist. you help me, you make me feel better.
Im sorry to hear about your ferret, my dog died of cancer last year, feels like losing your best friend, i only hope that you're wrong, that it's not cancer and rather something else and perfectly treatable...only one way to find out, vet.
love you silly person