homophobic comments

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So yeah. This is a comment my old roommate made on facebook:

"maybe I should! I am really tired of all the hype with the dont say "thats so gay" commercials! I just really think the world has bigger issues than that particular phrase...because in all honestly I think the world ORIGINALLY meant happy...so if I want to say something is so "happy" than I'll say it! Not to mention that people say things that I could find offensive if I wanted to...instead I chosoe to just deal with the fact that not everything everyone says is going to be pleasing to me!"

Can I punch her in the face? Please?


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>.< Oof. Um, yes, do that.

>.< Oof. Um, yes, do that. You have a whole army of angry Oasis gays at your back.

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i shall asist you with my

i shall asist you with my army of undead, and im sure ferrets wil have some ferrets he can spare.

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sounds like a plan I radiate

sounds like a plan

I radiate music from my core.

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Please do so.

Please do so.