I really wish...

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That I couldn't come with some good news once in a while, because I really can be a fun person, really lively and friendly, really I can.

But I can't, and I've actually gotten used to posting my little updates here. I don't really expect people to read this, but so be it if they do. This is more for me, really.

You see, my friend got some singles of some Ecstacy, which aren't so powerful...

They also aren't expensive. I won't miss the extra high a quad or a triple gives, since I've never had them.

But I know quite a few dealers, and one has some singles, and since I'm a friend, he'll sell me for five a tablet, which is really damn cheap, and in my price range. He says he really doesn't want me doing it, but he can't refuse a customer, and he know's that he's the only person I can get it from cheap, so he knows he can regulate my useage.

He refuses to see me anything else, except E and weed, which is fine. I don't want weed, just E.

And I know it's steriotypical to say this...

But, I think I'm going to try it... Just once. I swear, just once.


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Dumbfuck... 'nuff said. LOL.

Dumbfuck... 'nuff said. LOL. How've you been? How's Texas?
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- DORY!!! W00T!!!

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I should be fine.

But whatever part of my brain that tells me how I'm feeling says I'm depressed. Not sure why. Texas is fine, I guess, or at leat, as fine as Texas can be. [Personally I despise Texas]



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sigh. just don't get

sigh. just don't get addicted. and i kinda like loc now!!! :D

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