I'm baccck!-and how do I change my username?

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Hi guys,

Well, I'm not sure why my last journal entry didn't get any responses but I'm gonna guess it was because I'm not that active and all of a sudden I just wrote an entry seeking input from you guys? Anyway, this is just a message to tell everyone that I'm back...and how do I get my username changed? I've decided to start calling myself queer now instead of a lesbian, or more frequently gay. I decided this a few days ago when I had been thinking about the two definitions of the word queer: a describing word meaning basically something, someone or somewhere that is weird, out of the ordinary or unusual and the other definition is someone that is attracted to their gender. I know I am a bit unusual in many different ways (in how I dress and act) and I am attracted to only women sexually...hence why I've decided to use the word queer to describe myself now. So....I wanna change my username to queercatholic...how do I do that?

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i say...

ask jeff
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Can I just wait until the catholic gets removed, too? How many steps do we need to add here? :-)

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Okay, do not take any

Okay, do not take any offense to this but... isn't "queer catholic" sort of an oxymoron? I mean, it's sort of like calling oneself "Straight Homosexual".

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I was going to tell you to

I was going to tell you to beg Jeff, but he's obviously seen this post before.

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I COMPLETELY agree! However, let me explain here, I have grown up Catholic, going to mass, Sunday school and various activities every single week during my upbringing. I still continue to be actively involved within my church and plan to continue to do so until I move out (I am making plans right now about which church I will be joining then, because after highschool is the only time I will be able to join a new church--> I'm looking at the United Church right now!) Thus, the fact remains, I am a queer woman who is indeed Catholic...until further notice.