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And now I'm gonna lose ALL of my music because my computer that's giving me trouble won't charge it. Is there anyway to charge your iPod on a different computer or something else so that you don't lose all of your music? Cause I know that on my other computer (The one with all the music) my iPod always Auto synced is there anyway to turn that off without having to connect the iPod to the computer and having it's memory swiped?

My computer not working is causing a lot of problems in my life right now. Sigh....


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ok. if you have auto sync on

ok. if you have auto sync on one comp it won't with another, it'll ask you if you want to wipe, so just click no. then it'll charge.
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Thank you so much :D I was

Thank you so much :D I was terrified I was going to lose all my music on my iPod.


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