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I saw "Boys Don't Cry" and I love it. It was amazing and sad and everything you could ever want in a movie. I'm glad I chose not to watch it with my mom. That would have been quite awkward.

Anyways. So I kind of set up two of my gay guy friends. What should I do when they start making out when I'm in the same room as them? It's a little bit awkward and I'd rather be conversing with them instead of avoiding looking in that general direction. I just need some advice on it. I've never really been in this situation before.

I've been very artistic lately. Drawing, painting and the like. It's fun. I painted on some of my clothes today. Flowers and such. I don't think I ruined them. I'm just kind of bored right now so anything to fill my time is helpful.

So yeah. I need to go to Best Buy and chew them out. And maybe the cute goth girl will get chewed out, too. You never know. : P


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just say the same thing u'd

just say the same thing u'd say to any couple "gosh, get a room!" and if that subtle hint doesn't work...ask them if they could make out on their own time? lol
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