Lanyards are not Kind to Me.

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... Especially when I am expected to mass-produce them for hundreds of small children.

I went to a girl scout thing today, as a volunteer. Remind me never to touch a lanyard again. My fingers are soooo sore...

I painted my fingernails black with pen, and put a henna design-thing on the back of my hand. The effect is... Interesting.
I was bored.

I have to return The Realm of Possibility to the library... It's WAY overdue. I love it too much. I want to buy it, but I haven't found it in any bookstores, and I don't really want to ask my mom to order it online...

I think I'll go kick my brother off the TV, and watch some Buffy. On the last disk of season four!


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They have used copies for as low as $2.33...

Oh, sorry. I just noted why this was not an option. Then, ask a friend.

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Yeah, I might ask someone...

Yeah, I might ask someone...

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You could order it at a bookstore

Most bookstores, if you want a book they don't have you can order it with them and they'll sell it to you that way.

And wow, I imagine making lanyards all day would kill ones fingers.

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Hmm, I didn't know that.

Hmm, I didn't know that. xD
I'm a library person.