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Had small drinks on a friend's boat last night (yes, we are spoiled brats)... and this supposedly 'straight' guy got really drunk and kissed me twice! But then he kissed two girls too, so he was just really drunk lol.


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Sorry, I couldn't resist. I'm sure you didn't intend the implication.

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lol, my mistake. Didn't even

lol, my mistake. Didn't even pick that up until I read through it again. Fixed now.

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I wish this would happen to

I wish this would happen to me... damn... :D

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straght boi+boat+ drinks = :)

if you thinck, what people criticize other on the most, is where there own biggest faults are, so before you complain about other people, thinck"am i struggling in the exact same area?"

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:D :D :D :D

:D :D :D :D