Me vs Mom

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"It's so weird hearing L(my mom's boss) refer to T(Boss's wife) as her wife because T doesn't refer to L as her husband" - my mom

"Well....why would she they're both women?" - me

"Yeah, but they are married and there's always a wife and there's always a husband" (Something like that) - mom

"Not if you're gay....or lesbians....." - me

"Yeah" - mom

*In my head* : Whaaaaaat?????

"Well, you're just basing that on stereotypes" - me

I don't get her logic. lol. And I don't get how people still see this whole stereotype that in gay and lesbian relationships one is the "woman" and the other is the "man". Like....really?? You still think that in 2009? T-w-o T-h-o-u-s-a-n-d A-n-d N-I-N-E?? Anyways....

Still, my mom's been better at not hating gays and lesbians. She's been working at this small place as a receptionist (for the past few months and her boss is a lesbian and she's met her boss's wife many times. There's also a gay man that volunteers there sometimes and then there's this one person that volunteers or works there that my mom can't seem to figure out what she is. She's not sure if she's trans, butch, or what. But she's said how nice all of them are. Which is cool.

My dad has met my mom's boss a few times and apparently last week he was on the bus with her and they started talking and later he told my mom that he really liked her. lol. My mom told me he likes her because she's "pretty much a guy" blah...and after she was doing so well.

She's still pretty naive when it comes to the ideas of lesbians and gays and still really hung up on stereotypes but hey what can you do? I stood up today with the wife/husband comment, that's something.

I hope this stuff made sense I'm so pooped. Off to bed I think it is for me :]


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You know...

I had to read that first bit about five times...

I was like "Wait, if SHE calls HER wife her wife, why would her wife call her, her husband? What?"

Yeah... That doesn't make any sense to me either.

I get so annoyed when people get all "Oh well which one of you is the girl/boy?"

I'm like "We're both the boy. Because we're gay it's what we do."

Gender roles are all hooey anyway. :P