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I've been feeling bipolar recently. Or detached. Or something. Like, my eyes feel tired as hell, I'm sore from doing a 5k, but I want to like, skip around or sing to some song playing really loud or something. I feel like one of those little kids in a home video, sitting there playing quietly with fascinated eyes before suddenly crying...then being comforted and squealing happily and throwing their arms around. Especially the throwing arms around part. I'm kinda rambling aren't I?

I don't get it nothing especially good or bad has happened recently, I ought to be busy as hell with school winding down and all, but I'm not, I think spring allergies are trying to take over me, I took zillions of pix over the weekend, I don't know what else.

This is one of those times where I need to be able to drive and I need to be living alone so I can up and drive off and do something spontaneous and energizing and come back to my normal life without anyone knowing. But alas, I cannot drive and I do not live alone and even if I did I doubt I'd be able to motivate myself to do anything spontaneous anyway.

*sigh* FAIL, Emily, fail.