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GOOD MORNING!!! it's 3pm and i'm finally awakeeeeeee!!! tis good...t'means my weekend should be short and i needn't think as much on sex....i am so fucking horny i would screw actually i wouldn't...good sex or no sex baby!

so i broke up with guy....coz he was like fucking delusional....but hey at least i got to fuck him! that was the longest one night stand on record. anyways i'm far from distraut or any some such, i'm just not sure where to go next. now that i'm free i can permanently relocate to modi'in and get a job like that! *clicks fingers* where i usedto work, the old french dragon lady things i'm a fucking ray of sunshine coz im the only one in this FUCKING CITY who knows how to dress...but on the other hand i thoroughly dislike this town and it means i can't really go out clubbing and such...but then i haven't been out clubbing in like months anyways, my only outings are for sex. that's the other things...should i get back into one night stands...or try dating some more? or maybe i should just let little adam take a holiday?

fucking aviv called last night, his gf and him are thinking of moving in together. i think it's strange...coz he spends like 20 days a month at the base anyway, she'll be practically living alone. and also, seems him and her have been on and off for i think it's funny...him and i were fucking while they were on a break. i sense they wont stay together for that much longer...she seems like a real pain in the ass. i don't really care, but if they do break up it would be nice for me and little adam.

i've tackled my health problems head on!! how to decrease blood sugar and cholesterol? you don't eat! duh! perfectly fucking simple...and it means i don't gain weight too yay! also been sneaking alcomahol in here and there to kill the old apetite. oh yeh bitches....self destruction is soooo back in fashion!

spent all of yesterday digging through porn and horror movies and sado shit for a video project, we have to video video if that makes sense...use prexisting materials and cut and edit it all together to form a new video plus concept. my little bitch and i are doing something on the common threads of sex and violence so yeh....we realized that outright hardcore porn and violence is too much, so we're taking softer stuff...i was youtubing yesterday like a madog! i had a very public bitch fight with my teacher too..she wanted to fail me and my two best bitches in the class coz we're behind on work...but it's not our fault that all the school's equipment if fucked and there's no way of getting it edited...we can't all own our own camera's and editing software you fucking slag!

anydoodles...i might go brush my teeth and get a little dressed so people don't think i'm grotty.
love to love ya dildofaces!
oh and ladies...i saw yesterday this machine you might's a dildo attached to an arm that's attached to a spinning get this remote that controls the speed and off you go! was horrible to watch i nearly chucked my yoghurt breakfast.
pleasant day


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you just love sleeping in all day?

a ferrets is a ferret, no matter how much it seems like a weasel. if only i could say the same for people.