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my mother's a judgemental hateful bitch, who still manages to make me feel like...the lowest substance in the universe....alive dead or otherwise, like whatever self worth i may have harvoured up in the last few months by makign myself feel better using sex, she strips away in a matter of minutes and then continues to run me into the ground, while simultaneously throwing out little colourful stripes of empathy and "motherly love"...always on technicalities, she says it like it's an obligation, like it's her duty to. and the most amazing thing is, it's not like i live with the woman, not like she's in my life, she's on the other side of the fucking planet, and in time we've been apart for close to two years now. Amazing isn't it? anyways what it amount to is that im in a very official way being forced to stay in this shithole town, living in the house's fucking bombshelter, with an army general aunt and a fat uncle who likes to cook but pays no mind to how much of his arm hair gets in the food....which is ok because they eat the most grose "health food" type shit anyways. say goodbye to whatever remnants of a social like you had too adam, coz come 10pm, this shithole town becomes a fucking ghost town, no way in or out without your own car, which i don't have. here's to family and freedom.


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Send not to know for whom the bell tolls,

It tolls for thee.

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Crazy bitches

Hey Adam that really sucks... I wouldn't say I can fully relate but I really hate crazy mothers. Hate it when they descend upon us with their patronising tone... Sounds like she's just doing her 'obligations' to make herself feel better as a mother irregardless of what you want and how you feel - you're definitely worth more than that! Don't let her bring you down like that.

But of course you already know most of that. Yeah, that doesn't make it any less sucky I know...

I really do hope you're okay buddy. And sorry to hear Israel is such a shithole. Come to New Zealand...

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america isn't half bad

america isn't half bad either...

Nemo Ante Mortem Beautus--- No man is blessed before he dies.

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I think our moms could be

I think our moms could be best friends.

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Aw I'm sorry, haha Lacking_Direction I'm sorry. There isn't somthing you could do, trying talking to her and telling her to back off or maybe just stop taking her calls. I don't know I live with my mother I don't have these options. And as for your aunt and uncle first I'd like to say, THANK GOD I don't live with mine, because I really don't like them and secondly I'm sorry about the tiny town but it most have some good doesn't it? And the cooking...well I really have no advice for that besides EW!
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