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I've been planning to go to this program at the local college for awhile now and I'm supposed to start on Monday. BUT my dad just told me that we're moving back to where we used to live. Like he just sprung it on me. So, this just sucks. I mean I could stay and get a place. There's ways to get my rent paid. But I don't really want to do that. I want to stay with my family. I think I'm a bit afraid to live alone right now, especially since I don't know anyone in this city and have no real connections or friends. So, I'd prefer not to be just left here by myself.

So, I guess we're going back and although I'm a little peeved because I was so close to starting the program and it sounded like I might actually figure out which direction my life should go in. I'm kinda happy to be going home and back to where all my friends are and I know the city. You know? So, it's kinda bittersweet. I can probably find that program or a similar one at a college at home. So, I guess that's solvable. But I probably won't be able to take it until fall or whenever the next one is. But eh....What can you do?

You know I was more pissed about this earlier. I guess cause I was shocked because it came out of nowhere. I didn't even know that my parents were thinking about going back. I thought we were done with that city and we were gonna try living here for awhile but then again I had been fearing that we were gonna move again. The economy is so unstable so they have to go where they can work and that. But that's the good thing about the move is that my parents will be working again. It's the whole reason we're going is that my parents will be able to work there. So the money will be nice and I'll be able to work with them this summer like I did last. It was actually fun, it was work but it was fun too. And I made decent money so that makes it MORE fun. Ha.

So, I guess it's not all bad. But I'm still disappointed that I won't get to do that program. And no going to the local Pride festival. Our city at home doesn't even have it's own pride thing instead you have to go to the BIG one in Toronto. Which I do want to go to someday but first I need a car and some friends that will go with me. Ha.


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I've never moved... At least

I've never moved... At least not out of my town. I've always wanted to though. Sometimes it's easier to just get away you know?

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I for one am close to tears at this news I was looking forward to chilling at pride and stuff and helping you to build a network of peeps here oh and talking about Spashley and school and i dont know :(

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