My computer's condition is even worse now...

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So my computer started having those problems earlier this week where all of a sudden nothing would show up on the monitor except for "VGA input : No Signal" and then the monitor goes to sleep. Before all I'd have to do is restart the computer to get a picture on the monitor. But today when I restarted my computer after this happened still nothing appeared on the monitor. I don't think that the computer is fully booting because it doesn't make as much noise when it's booted up. Also the lights on the keyboard and mouse don't light up. I'm screwed and I don't know what to do because it has to be my fault because I'm the one that uses it the most. Plus lately I've been downloading more than usual and ripping my CDs to itunes and watching a lot more video on Youtube and that. So....I think my computer just couldn't handle it, so it must of blown something. It sucks because that was a really great computer it was like 4 or 5 years old and has only really been getting used over the past 5 months.

I feel bad because it was a pretty expensive computer for us at the time we bought it and I'm the one that's always doing tons of things with it. I feel bad that I didn't do more than I did when it first started having problems cause now it's pretty much too late for me personally to do anything. It's not like we can afford a new one or anything and it's ALL my fault that this one broke down. I feel a bit sick....and I can only imagine what my dad's gonna say tomorrow when he finds out. He might be mad but he might not care at the same time cause he never uses the computer and we have the old one to use for now anyways. I'm just dissapointed in myself...

Now I'm using my sisters fairly old not-nearly-as-good computer and it's kinda slow. And for some reason everything's out of proportion, the text size is really big and so is the start toolbar at the bottom. And I have no clue how to fix it.


I think it's time to listen to some Otep (AKA angry metal music!!) least I still have my sense of humour......well, sort of.


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...I had a monitor hooked up to my old computer, and when the monitor was two or three years old it died. The computer itself was fine, it was just the monitor that broke. (I was getting freaky white and/or orange likes on black screens, like a giant electrical spark down the middle of the monitor, shortly before the thing gave up the ghost.)

When you start the computer up, do you only hear fans? Sometimes it's possible to hear the disk head reading the disk... it's a quiet scratchy-ish sound. If you hear it, that might be a sign of life for your machine.

If your only symptom is a blank screen and you have a working external monitor, I would try plugging that in first.

Wow, I must be in computer consulting mode today. :-)

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Thank you for trying to help :)

It's not the monitor because it says "VGA input : No signal" So there is something on the screen it's just not from the computer itself. I should have said that in the journal. Oops. And I tried our old monitor and I got no visual from the computer on that one either.

And actually you're right I hear the ping! (Don't know how else to describe it) and the scratchy sound when I start it up. But the computer doesn't seem to make as much noise as it did before and the noises don't seem to last as long as they before.

I was reading a lot on forums about these problems and I started thinking that maybe it's just a video card that's gone bad but wouldn't the mouse and keyboard still light up if that were the case?

Any help is appreciated :) I'm not the most technological person. As you can probably tell.