My day and then some.

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Consisted of waking up at eleven. My sinuses were completely blocked, and swollen and dry. Hurt like hell to breathe.

I took some medicine for it, but all it did was make my nose uber-runny. I don't think I've gone an hour without sneezing all day. :/

And despite this, when my mom and aunt asked if I wanted to go into Austin with them, I got dressed and left.

And so the drive there was an hour long, and mom got onto me at least thrice for having my music up too loud. We went to Fry's Electronics, but befor we went in, my cousin and I went into the Half-Price books in the same shopping center.

It sucked, so we left.

I didn't find anything in particular I wanted to buy. I did see some neat things, and I've decided my backup plan for my saved money, if mom won't let me saty in AZ for a little this summer, is I'm going to buy a tablet.

But instead of staring at tablets, and looking up Photoshop stuff, and searching for good music and anime like I normally would, I was rather distracted.

And by distracted, I mean that today, someone was actually playing the lonely piano that's by the videogames, and across from a display of a huge tablet touchscreen thingy playing a real cool video of someone photoshop-drawing a picture of a girl that I think looks like Tifa Lockheart. I stopped to see that video, because I like to admire the mad-skills, and I noticed an opened soda can and I huge pile of sheet music books.

But there was noone there, so I continued watching.

A few minutes later, I heard the piano begin playing a song that tugged strings at the back of my memory. No more than ten measures into the song I realized he was playing 'Colors of the Wind' from Pocahontas.

And of course, I turned to see who was playing.

Enter: Jason the Piano Guy.

So, I went to the black ropes they had set up to keep people away from the piano, and watched the guy play. His hands moved gracefully and amazingly quickly across the keys, in a way I could never dream to play.

I must have stood there for over an hour listening to him play, chatting with him between songs.

But, after I'd been standing there for, maybe twenty minutes or so, I realized there was something distracting me from his beautiful playing.

Behind me, at that display I mentioned, there were repetitive club beats playing, from I don't know where. It seemed sort of stupid to have that playing five feet away from a guy they were paying to play their piano.

So I mentioned it to him once he'd finished one of his songs.

I said; "You know, I like trying to visualize something when I listen to music, it's usually where I get my ideas for drawings, but I can't focus on my that with the 'uns uns uns' playing back there."

He laughed, and said, "Yeah, they do that every day I'm here, but then again, the manager of that department and I don't really get along."

I just frowned and said, "That's stupid. I should unplug the speakers of something."

He just laughed again.

And my cousin, who had come and gone while I was standing there, happened to be there for that little exchange of words, and she went and started inspecting the display as he began playing once more. And she motions to me and says, "How high can you reach?" after a few moments. So I walk over to her, and she points up at two computer speakers on top of the highest shelf.

To be honest, I couldn't have reached the power button if it weren't for the small gap between the shelf and the side, because I could just barely reach the power button at the bottom of the speakers.

At first I thought I hadn't pressed the button, but a moment later the little green light went out and the beats were gone.

Shortly after, in the middle of one of his songs, my cousin got a call to meet everyone up front, so we had to leave. He hadn't finished his song yet, so I said, "We have to go now, but we turned off the 'uns uns uns' for you."

He smiled and said a thanks without missing a note, and we headed off.

It wasn't until we were headed out the door that I realized that the whole time I had been standing there, I hadn't seen his face for more than a split second, not long enough for me to remember it at all.

However, I have his hands and the back of his head memorized, haha.

As we were leaving the store, we saw my aunt outside smoking and talking to a rather cute guy who'd apparently bummed a cig off of her. Nice guy, who liked Death Note and had really pretty hair. [=

And then we went to Hobby Lobby. I bought some paint and some big paper and an artist's doll and a copic marker.

But if mom asks, I've always had the copic marker. :/

Man I have a bit of a problem. I did that yesterday at Wal-mart too. My cousin gets mad at me for it, and really trys to ignore it. And my other cousin just thinks it funny...

And you know something odd that just popped into my head?

Last summer, I went to Target with my aunt and my mom, and I had a gift card. I wanted to buy something, and mom said she wouldn't help me pay for anything.

Fair enough, I went up front to see my card's balance.

The only two registers opened were one guy with three people in line, and a pretty girl finishing up with the one customer in line.

I stood for a moment, and when the lady in front of me left, I moved in front of the register to talk to her, and as soon as I was about to ask her if I could check the amount on my card, I noticed a sign taped to the small plasting platform for signing checks and such which read 'I am hearing impaired, please help me out and if you have any questions, write them on the board.'

And of course, there was a dry-erase board nearby with a blue marker.

I smiled to her, and wrote on the board, 'Can I chack the balance on my gift card, please?'

She nodded, and took my card and such. I don't remember the amount on it, but I remember afterward, I wrote on the board, 'Thank you so much and have a great day [= ' and drew a big smiley face on it.

She smiled at me, and I remember that she had just, the prettiest smile I've ever seen. I then realized I hadn't taken a good look at her until right then. She had pretty curly brown hair and pretty eyes that were a little watery, or tired looking.

But her smile was just amazing. Her lips just formed so perfectly around her pretty white teeth... If I could have kissed her without freaking her out, I would have.

I don't know her name, but I think I'm in love with her smile, I don't think I'll ever forget it.

I really wish I could meet her again.


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Wow. I should've liked to

Wow. I should've liked to meet the Piano Man.

"We are the Stewards. This is our world. "

-Sophismata, Alex in Wonderland

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He was very nice.

And if you ever want to meet him, apparently he's there every other weekend at the Fry's Electronics in Austin, lol.



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I'll be in Austin for a while this summer, so maybe I'll be able to see the Piano Man.
I'd like to get a tablet... we'll see.

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Right on!

Yeah, maybe you will be able to see him, unless you happen to come one of the weekends the other guy plays the piano there. XDD

That would be cool, though, and you could see what I'm talking about. But if there's a piano guy, and he doesn't have curly copper-ish brown hair and glasses, it's not Jason the piano guy.

Also, if he doesn't answer to the name Jason, he's probably not the piano guy. XDD



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Jeeze, now I want to meet

Jeeze, now I want to meet the "Jason the piano guy" ash! You gotta take me sometime!

"You wanted to meet Gossip Girl? Well, look around. I'm nothing without you. And while most high school friendships fade, it's my hope that what happened today will bond you

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I dunno

how you expect me to take you to Austin considering I'm in Phoenix. :/