OCD? ME???

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Hey everyone,

I just got done talking to my sister. Highlights of the conversation: I’m self centered, and need to be psychologically re-evaluated because she swears that I have something more than just bipolar disorder. She mentioned that she swears I have obsessive compulsive disorder. I’m all up for psychological testing but, naturally, I worry about the outcome of the findings and the necessary new pills I’d have to take if there were any.... and their side effects.

I’m just curious, do any of you think I have some kind of OCD? I’ll tell you some of the symptoms of whatever I have that is causing me issues. I worry a lot, about everything, and usually about all the wrong things. For instance, I’m NOT worried about whether I will graduate or not. I just assume I will. I WAS worried, heavily, about getting the oil changed in my car. I have justification for that though, which is backed simply by more worries.

I’m open for ANY input. Please tell me what you think.


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My Input

Generally, I think we all worry about a lot of things. Small and big... I think the important thing is whether it's having a huge toll on your wellbeing. If the worrying is chronic and having an extremely negative impact on your life, then that's when you should get yourself examined (and possibly medicated). Otherwise, even a possible OCD diagnosis means nothing really.

It's quite hard for us to assess this for you over the internet. Especially when we can't see your actions/behaviour, and the words posted are distilled by an individuals emotions, perceptions, biases and intentions (subconscious or not).

That's what I think.

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From what you said in this

From what you said in this post I doubt that you have OCD. Perhaps an anxiety disorder if anything at all. I think you may have the common perception of OCD as just obsessing over something, but it's more complicated than that. If you really are concerned and if it's impacting your everyday life, then I'd have it checked out. I wouldn't put yourself through anything just because your sister disagrees with the professionals.

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i agree more like anxiety

i agree more like anxiety dissorder.not ocd...

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for it to be ocd, you need

for it to be ocd, you need to have obsessions, but also compulsions. for example, being worried about germs is an obsession, and washing your hands thirty times a day is a compulsion.
also, many people with ocd feel the need to repeat motions/actions a lot, such as turning on and off a light switch a certain number of times or going back and forth through a doorway.

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My OCD Story

Your country loves diagnosis, doesn't it? Almost as much as it loves medicine.

I don't know how they medicate moderate/ severe OCD (probably similar to how they treat depression or other anxiety disorders), but I think normally treatment involves CBT (cognitive behavior therapy) or other pyschotherepuetic approaches.

I know in early puberty and just before I developed mild/ moderate OCD behaviors. A lot of private rituals and superstitions, counting and adding, arranging colours, having to hold my breath, having to swallow or not swallow, performing movements symetrically and repetitively, scratching my arms and sudden surges of anxiety in response to certain thoughts or stimulus (buildings, numbers, objects) or sometimes to nothing at all. Apparently this is quite common at times of transition ie. onset of puberty.

I had constructed a world on top of the normal world where different (irrational and impossibly strict) rules applied. If I adhered to the rules I would live forever. If I didn't then I would die.

I didn't receive any treatment and eventually grew out of mine, shedding rituals and replacing others with less time consuming ones. The last time I had to perform rituals properly I was 16 doing my GCSE exams. I don't even think about them now.

For me, along with my (probably) depression and suicidal thoughts of my early teens, the obsessive compulsive behavior was a response to my disgust at my adult body, my profound discomfort with my sexuality and my new fear of mortality.

I understand that people with severe or prolonged pyschiatric disorders have to recieve treament. But I wonder sometimes if it's worth seeking out constant diagnosis. Would it have helped for me to be given a diagnosis of OCD or depression?

Medication would have treated the symptoms perhaps, but my (admittedly very, very mild) mental health issues had roots both inside and outside my own mind. Chemical imbalance probably played a part, but so did the values of the society I didn't fit into. A society that values women indistinguishable from children (fatless, hairless, bloodless) when my body was starting to distinguish itself from a child's. Society where same-sex sexuality- for women in particular- is either invisible or belittled, humourous or titalating. And death terrified me- I'd never even seen it.

To layer this world- with rules I didn't understand or couldn't possibly adhere to- with another world where the rules were absolute makes a sort of sense. I was the centre of my ritualised world- of course I was, I was the only inhabitant- and I was in control .

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I don't think you have a

I don't think you have a severe OCD, not even a moderate one, but you do tend to worry a lot for things that require absolutely no worrying at all. If you could just find a way to put all the energy you spend worrying into something more productive, your life would be oh-so-much-better.

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have you ever noticed how everybody thinks they're a fucking shrink? i say tell u'r sister to go google herself and do what you want sweetie.

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Haha go Adam, how bout ever

Haha go Adam, how bout ever notice how everyone now thinks they have some type of disorder (and I'm not going to be a bitch, I admit I'm one of them too) I think the more you focus on having it the more youll have the symptoms, fun right?
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