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My mother figured it out. Today, she was like, "We should watch that movie 'Boys Don't Cry" together. I was all ok. I didn't know what it was about until I saw the cover. I remember hearing about it.

What am I supposed to do? Does this mean that I should tell her that I think I'm transgendered. I don't know how to deal with this. I don't know if I want to watch that movie with her. I haven't even seen it myself yet.

So confused.

Please help.


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Having seen the movie, I'd say that would be a *bad* time to tell her. Yes, the topic will be available, but there will certainly a better time. Bringing it up randomly would be better than that.

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I haven't seen that movie in

I haven't seen that movie in a long time, but I remember it being kinda intense. I don't know if I'd want to watch it with my mom and I'm not trans. That would make it even more uncomfortable for sure. Maybe you could just ask her why she would pick that one since she may have used it only to bring up the topic.

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That's not a film I would

That's not a film I would watch with mother.

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I'll keep this in mind. I

I'll keep this in mind.

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So I watched "Boys Don't

So I watched "Boys Don't Cry" and it was definitely good that I didn't see it with my mom.

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Anybody wana tell me what

Anybody wana tell me what its about? Should I watch it? WAIT most important of all, our needles or blood involved? *ug shudders* you never know, there was in RENT. wow I love that movie.
Okay back to you, so having seen it what are you going to do? I totally agree that you should ask her why she picked that movie. Good luck
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