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I keep meaning to write this entry, but I kept getting distracted. So here it is.

O is going to prom with her new bf tomorrow and I'm really happy for her even though she won't stop talking to me about how fucking happy she is to be with him. But I have realized that she is the kind of person that feels that she "needs to be with someone or her life doesn't mean anything." which sucks for her because I don't think that is a way to live your life. I'm not going to prom. And even if I was I wouldn't see them there because they are going to prom at his school and he goes to an all boys- catholic school so it is very unlikely that I would be there anyway. I am taking pictures for her before prom though. Which means I get to meet him. Super exciting. He's ugly. I've seen pictures. And I'm not bitter. Everyone says he's ugly.

In other news. I still have feelings for B and still haven't talked to her because I am really avoiding talking to her. *maybe* I'll talk to her at lunch tomorrow. Maybe. But she's going on a date with a 25 year old this weekend. And she just turned 17 which means that it is legal, but just barely. And well. She (and also I) believe that the girl is too old for her. B is a lesbian and hasn't done any dating that isn't through a computer screen since we "broke-up" if you even want to call it that. But whatever, I still have feelings for her, but I know that it wouldn't or couldn't be healthy relationship so I need to move on. I would *like* to date someone else, but hey, whatever happens happens.

Because of the seniors leaving at my school we had a messed up schedule and I had gym two days in a row. Fine. Good. Whatever. My only problem is that my smart ass decided to go bike riding (which I haven't done in three + years) and my legs are killing me. I'm in a weight lifting class at school. Two days of that in a row. And my legs want to fall off.

Happy Friday everyone!