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We walk through this desert with a thirst that is never quenched. We are offered signs of beauty though what we are given is never clenched. Alone we walk unaware of it all but so sure of what we think. We cannot face the questions we're given and it brings us to our brink. We sink beneath our sheets and sulk within our revery. It reminds us of who we aren't and what we always wish to be. Denial is a trial that is trivial with time. Love is all we ever need and what we always wish to find. Behind us is our future, and before is our past. We dream of what we used to have and what we know can never last. And haste is a bitter taste that leaves us faced with much regret. A morning filled with mourning, still we cannot submit to rest. And I suggest we look around and walk this ground with stronger steps. Believe in all we can achieve and not allow ourselves to stress.