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My best guy friend who was like a father passed away last night, he was one of the only ones in our family who loved me the way I was no matter wat, n now he's dead!! Omfg, I feel as if my eyes are never goin to stop tearing up.... I never got to kiss him goodbye... I miss him sooo bad!!! Somebody catch my fall from grace..


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More than anything, I wish

More than anything, I wish that there was something I could say to make it even a little bit better.

I don't want to say "I've been there, I know what you're going through," because I haven't, but I'll just throw out that I lost my best friend (eight months tomorrow, actually, wow... =/ ), and if you even need/want to talk, I'm here.

Much love, and a hug.

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thanks u guys

Love to All
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Sorry its taken soo long to reply.. my pc has been down
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*HUGS* I'm sorry. :/ Did you

*HUGS* I'm sorry. :/

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I'm really sorry.

I'm so sorry this happened. I really am. I wish I could make it better for you. Even if it was just holding you and making you cookies while you cry. I'm really sorry.

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Ohh *hugs*

Oh I'm sorry too for what happened, that must be horrible for you! I've never lost someone like that, but i can feel the tremendous pain that must've caused. God is not fair, life is not fair sometimes. Learn to cherish those who you have right now. Stay strong. and trust that time will heal.

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thanks u guys

U All R Soo Awesome!! =)
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Death is not when someone we

Death is not when someone we love leaves us, but a time when we learn they just moved even closer, so sit and listen and if you listen hard enough you might just hear my vice beside his saying not to cry, and thet we are always here for you.

ILY Friend!!!!!

I will paint, my words of love with your name on every wall! When you leave my colors fade to grey, And i ned you to stay or all my colors fade away! And every word of love

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That was soo pretty

Did u write that urself?
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I set that up on the spot!

I set that up on the spot! sorry i didn't get that back to you for so long1 been kinda busy! >.<

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