so i need ur advice please

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So I need some help. I've gone on a couple of dates with this one girl and I don't think I'm actually attracted to her in that way if you know what I mean. I don't know how to tell her, though. Is it okay to text her about it?

Here's what I'm thinking about saying:

I just wanted to tell you that ur a wonderful person and I'd love for us to remain friends but I'm not really interested in you in that way. I didn't want to lead you on in any way which is why I wanted to tell you this as soon as possible so that I don't waste any of your time.

Sound good?

So yeah. I made a comment on facebook about having a bonfire this weekend. The hott guy said he wanted to go. Should I invite him?


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message sounds good...

...but I'm not so sure about the idea of texting it to her. It might be better to call her or tell her in person.

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I agree with splash since

I agree with splash since you've been on a few dates. Might as well invite that guy to the bonfire if you think he's cool. Unless it's like a little thing with your friends and it would be awkward for them.

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this is.......

somthing that is best in person

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Texting is lame.

I'm so into you, I decided to not be in the same room as you, and share 140 characters of exactly how I feel?

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