so much stuff, warning, possibility of rammbling.

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well for starters, my freinds are driving me nutz! they wanna know wat my gay youth support site is( oassis of course) and that is the last thing im going to tell thm. but luckily, my ferret dosnt have cancer! yay! also i learned that cream cheese is good on pizza( i know wat ur thinking, its NOT icky). further so, i hate math sooo much. blerg u math, once my ferretsrule, u will be used as little as possible. and i swear that the teachers( who now im gay by now) are having something against me. my paper that i do and turn in are dissappering, and im getting called on while my hand isnt raised constantley. of course i cant prove a thing. did u know that ferrets r adorable? they are. writing papers about urself SUCKS! taco bell is deliouces, but so bad for u! i wish i had a talking cactus. if jeff and a grizzley bear got in a fight, who would win? and finallytime! im extremley stage frightened! stupid piano recidals.


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They just expect more of you, now that you're gay. Gays are smarter, better students, so this all makes sense.

A real bear or an extremely hairy gay man?

"People who are happy are slugs... They do not move the human race forward."
-- Camille Paglia, on Oasis

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the animal....

kind of bear

a ferrets is a ferret, no matter how much it seems like a weasel. if only i could say the same for people.