Sooo.....totally different scenario.

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So I have known this girl Sarah for about 5 months now, I met her when i started going to North High. She has known that I liked her, and I knew she liked me, but we were always with different people. Long story short, she ended up with a total ass, and we got together we she found out he was going to Texas for the summer.

Anyway, we have pretty much been going out since the 16th, and I am sooo happy. I mean, I made a total idiot of myself because I haven't been in a real physical relationship in like...forever. Well, since last summber since that shit happened with my ex *coughcough*charlie*coughcough*. And so...I get nervous real easy. I hate myself for it. I really think we have a good relationship. She gets all whooo sometimes because of what people have done to her in the past. (The total ass mentioned earlier cheated on her.) But omg, I don't know what to do. I make a fukin retard of myself everytime I'm around her, and she says it's adorable and stuff, but I mean she kinda has to say that. She's my girlfriend. I would get sad if she said it any other way and she knows that. But i don't know what to do about that, so any other advice is really loved.

I'm taking her to the movies on Friday, and she is staying late, and after that I may go to Mercedes' house. Maybe. Sadie's house is fukin crazy. Bird will probably be there. I love Bird. (Her name is Sarah too, but her nickname is Bird, so she is Bird so nobody gets confused.) Bird is hilarious. Omg, I saw a picture of her doing a kegstand yesterday. XD Priceless. She is an ittybitty chick, and they guys looked sooo wasted I think they almost dropped her. OMG! I have to check Sadie's myspace!

We are having this picture war going on, she put an awful picture of me on her myspace, so I put a horrid one of her on mine, and it keeps going back and forth. It's fun though. Oh, yeah, I broke up with my pregnant ex. I loved her, but we weren't getting along, and I wasn't ready for a family. Not this young. I still talk to her. :)

Back to Sarah, god I love her. But I just get so stupid around her. Please, any advice is love.

P.S.~ She dedicated the song Kiss Me Through The Phone to me, so I keep listening to it.