Sparknotes: Who Woulda Thunk It?

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Huh. So Sparknotes is spreading the craaazy heteronormativity of our ridiculous, ridiculous society. I just went to their weird-ass "yearbook voting" procrastination page, where they insist on playing to stereotypes and segregating by gender and being heteronormative and generally ICK. And thennn, I took, drumroll please, The Gender Test. Dun dun dunnnn. Some of the questions were really irritating. But mostly what bothered me is the fact that they were like, "you're a woman, with silky hair, who likes such and such" as if it's characteristic of all women, and the goddamn gender binary AGAIN, and it's just ridiculous and really annoying. Fucking Sparknotes. Does this stuff bother anyone else as much as it bothers me?

On a brighter note, I just finally emailed my awesome gay tour guide from spring break to learn more about Bryn Mawr. HORAY SUPERGAY LIBERAL WOMEN'S COLLEGE!!