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I was just wondering if anybody has anything cool planed for their summer. Internships? Jobs? Vacations? I'm still mapping mine out... hopefully I can get something lined up, maybe go abroad *fingers crossed*

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...have succeeded in landing my first paying job.

Granted, they're not paying me MUCH, but it's money and something to do!

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Oregon... Computer...

Oregon... Computer... Shakespeare...

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Lacrosse camp. I have a job... And possibly music camp as well. Depends if I can get enough money by the time its due.

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Hawaii, Medieval Heroes and

Hawaii, Medieval Heroes and Villains Class, Classic Photography Class, Disneyland, waving off my brother as he goes off to the military, movies, Facebook, etc.

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Going to Ohio and

Going to Ohio and Missouri.
Ohh and Gay Pride Parade in Chicago and Indy!!!
Guitar lessons. And partying.

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Spring and Summer classes.

Spring and Summer classes. Hopefully going on vacation someplace.

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get the helll

outta seattle...maybe even the state. go riding @ least once in whistler or BC, get faster @ dh racing, hit up more alleycat messenger races. play more polo.

yeah, thats about it...oh, and i def have to go on a bike tour of the san juans. that will be epic. either that or the ho rain forest and oly nt'l park.

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uhhh... trying to talk my

uhhh... trying to talk my parents into letting me go "visit my cousin" in san francisco.
and prolly working at the daycare in the building my parents own.
and i'm taking a summer writing course (which i have to remember to sign up for soon...)

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COMPOSITION CAMP!!! My five weeks of musical paradise in the mountains of New Hampshire. SO PSYCHED!

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National Youth Leadership

National Youth Leadership Forum on Medicine in Boston
Life Guarding in Vermont.
Vacationing in Maine.

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I'm going to visit my married sister in Colorado.

I might volunteer at the city museum of natural history, too. Not sure about that.

It made sense in my head, I swear.

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is my enemy. its to hot( in other words above 70 degrres ferehiaght) i barley see my friends, much less get out of bed. im unintenntanile anerexic, because i dont do anything, i dont get hungrey then yeah i havent eaten all day. i dont have the ability to get a tan, i burn. summer will end once i rule the earth, even if i have to cast a spell* just like the wicked which. only i will allow cristmas

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Volunteer work at the library, playing frisbee, hanging out with friends who are going off to college, hopefully camping with my girlfriend. Maybe learning to barbecue, going to the beach.

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Summer classes at Depaul.

Summer classes at Depaul. General Synod for church.

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Waiting to see if my job lasts past mid-June. If so, Oasis gets a facelift and a lot of new features. If it doesn't, I immediately relocate to a beach in Thailand to finish my novel before returning to look for work.

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i wanna

I want to get a job to hopefully pay for driving lessions, and take a kickboxing class, maybe another anxiety group and I',m not sure how long my other group lasts. I also want to find a GSA or writing class but I'm not sure how effective that would be.
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