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Keep it up and I'll walk away
Created by dinosauramanda and taken 78 times on BzoinkWhat did you last bite?: fish and chips Have you ever been lost in your own neighborhood?: no Is your bed big enough for two people?: yep What is your favorite board game?: shoots and ladders When was the last time you used a calculator?: couple wks ago Was your last smile real?: yeah Can you live without the most important person in your life?: dk Have you ever done something to harm yourself?: no When was the last time you climbed a tree?: few yrs ago Have you ever been so hot that you became cold?: no What is the closest thing to you that is rainbow colored?: my BOOTY CREW sticker Do believe that wishes come true?: no What is the last thing you watched on tv?: what I'm watching now(Seinfeld) Can you touch your toes?: almost Have you ever been hospitalized for more than 2 weeks?: no Have you ever talked to a therapist?: yeah Who protects you?: me/my wall When was the last time you showered?: oday What can you do that none of your friends can do?: dk When was the last time you heard someone scream?: dk Who was the last person to call you baby?: dk Why did you last go to the airport?: to see Vanessa What did your last burp taste like?: eww,wtf? Who was the last person to see you in your underwear?: Vanessa Have you ever showered with another person?: see above Whose room were you last in?: mine Is there something you are keeping a secret from your parents?: not really When you woke up how did you feel?: ok I guess When was the last time you were sick?: couple nights ago Where is your thinking place?: the park/room Have you ever pretended not to like something because of friends?: no Who is on your speed-dial?: ppl I know Are you able to forget people easily?: no When was the last time you went to the bathroom?: half hour ago What disgusts you about bathrooms?: if they're messy/gross Who yelled at you last?: dk Why did the chicken cross the road?: to get to the other side Why did the cow jump over the moon?: shit, I know this story........just not now apparently hehe How often do you get hiccups?: whenever Have you ever been sneezed on?: no Have you ever had gum stuck in your hair?: no Has a bird ever pooped on you?: kinda What can you tell me about clocks?: some are cool If a turtle loses it's shell, is it naked?: yeah What's so good about bye?: depends You've been totally Bzoink*d!
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Got all of my grades this week: Art History:C, Speech:C, Math:D(but still passed:D) and Sculpture w/ an A.....fam stuff has been kinda hectic/stressful lately but uh,we'll see what school stuff:hopefully going to Rockford College(my other choice was BHSU) due to having to go to that town anyway to stay w/my Mom's friend(and mine too when we were in HI) and just got done applying/doing the FAFSA few wks back for it.....Otalia stuff has been ok so far for this week(w/the fanfic being alil better:D)