Susan Boyle-Britains Got Talent

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I was just wondering what you all think of Susan Boyle. If you don't know who she is, follow the link:

I think she seems like a lovely lady and I am happy she proved all the people laughing at her wrong. She only came second in the competition though tonight....I would have loved to see her win.

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Yeah i love Susan Boyle, I

Yeah i love Susan Boyle,
I heard her sing a Les Mis song,
Her voice is amazing :)
and i love Les Mis :)

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my computer is fucking up,

my computer is fucking up, hence the many replies...

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it o-tay!

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Kind of a strange show, though...

At least on American Idol it's all a competition between people doing the same thing.

Here, it's like an old, fat chick who can sing well versus a fun, young group of dancers. Hard to compare the two.

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This is because the

This is because the contestants are competing to perform in a varity show, not for a record contract.

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There was a load of really

There was a load of really mean press though...
all out to get a reaction

she has a contract now anyway :)
I voted for Diversity...

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I think everyone loves her

I think everyone loves her because she pretty much just validated the whole of humanity

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looks can be deceiving, and

looks can be deceiving, and the definitely were with Susan. lol go susan.
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