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I always feel this guilt when I do wrong by my parents and they haven't done anything wrong as of late, even if they don't knwo about it, and won't find about what I have done. That is beside the point. I don't gab to my mom about the lastest gossip, not unless I'm trying to one-up her as to remind her that I have drama in my life too, I am a teenager. My parents aren't even people I really trust, not with my personal life. But I still feel obligated (as they are good people) to do right by them and not cause tehm to be shamed by the community at large. I guess no one really wants to shame their family.

Lots of people have been writing stories lately and I thought I'd go with that trend. This is going in my short story... except I'm not sure where yet. So this is kind of a teaser. I'm not sure if I'll post it when I'm done because it's shaming me that the story is going to be based on something that I actually did. And well... it's not my proudest moment. But.. it is kind of funny and I'm all about the funny. So, we'll see.

Happy Monday everyone! Spread a little sunshine where you feel it needs to be. I'm off to read more journals and type up what I already have. *love*


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you need a hug...I can sense it *big hug* . Keep on truckin

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Thanks. I'm really just mad

Thanks. I'm really just mad at myself for being a stupid shit, but I'll take your hug anyway. *hugs*

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