The creepy moob pediphile on youtube

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I have this epic documentary on youtube about moobs (man boobs). It's kind of funny, and totally meant to be funny and nothing else. I made it as a joke last year for my friend's birthday. Today I checked my email, and saw an alert telling me that I have a new subscriber! yay! (that makes four, lol). I clicked on his username, and saw the creepiest thing ever. This guy had this fetish for fat people. His favorites were all filled with things like "jiggly belly guy", or "big man tits", and there was all this stuff I did NOT need to see, in fact NO ONE should see that stuff. Im so creeped out that some old guy was getting off to my joke documentary. Anyways, I blocked the guy (mwhahaha) so him and his man boob fetish cannot get me. CREEPY!

Now I am going to go wash my eyes out, then scrub down my computer with lots of soap cause that was gross.


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I don't think you can be a pedophile and into man boobs. They seem to be pulling in different directions, no?

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Wow, you're a dick. Does

Wow, you're so naive.

Does anybody accuse you of having a "skinny guy fetish"?

Everybody likes something different and just because you're an ignorant little kid doesn't mean that big guys don't deserve love too.

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Isn't that a little

Isn't that a little harsh?

Sure, everyone likes different things, but they also have things they don't like. No one deserves to be called names because they don't like something. And I think you are ignorant for not understanding that. Think before you insult people. It actually may hurt someone.

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You mean insulting, like

You mean insulting, like calling someone who likes something different from you a pedophile?

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Sure, calling the guy a

Sure, calling the guy a pedophile probably wasn't the smartest thing to do, but insulting someone because they insulted isn't a very good idea either. You could have just said its not nice to say things about people, especially when you don't know them. All I'm saying is that it wasn't necessary to be rude about it...

If homosexuality is a disease, let's all call in queer to work: "Hello. Can't work today, still queer."

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Oh wow, way to overreact

I'm not particularly sure how I would feel if a random old guy on youtube with that sort of background posted to me on youtube. Just putting that out there. I mean sure it is good to accept people, but there are some people out there who are going to hurt you.