Tired. Crush. Pride Week

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I'm tired. I have 3 exams and a presentation next week and i'm not excited about that. The school board people must be out of their mind!!! Cramming all the exams into 2 weeks and we just chill afterwards.

Enough complainning. On a happier note, our school newspaper wrote a article on the pride week (newspapers dont write!), and made it to the cover page. THAT JUST MADE MY DAY! I was showing all my friends the article at lunch today =D Toronto pride parade is coming within 30 days, I'll be painting rainbows on the streets =D Isnt that awesome?

What else... Oh yeah, I'm having a crush on this straight girl. Cute. Not single. Hard-core christian. And super good at fencing(I always fall for the athletic type, damn). Straight as an arrow. So my chance of ever dating her is slim. But that's her lose. Evenutally, i will move on, but feel free to comfort me, cuz I kinda needed that =/